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Legend of Atlantis is where the power of crystals were understood. “New Agers” suggest the healing properties of crystal and stone come from the higher frequency of their energy. Below is a list of the most-popular stones. E-mail for full-range

Turquoise is a vibrant light-blue-to-green-gemstone. Often protected with acrylic resin because turquoise is porous and soft, gradually absorbing skin oils, yellowing. Said to prevent procrastination and warn its wearer of danger or illness by changing color. To protect coating, avoid hot water and chemicals.
Aquamarine is all shades of blue, from translucent to transparent. It will fade if left in the sun. Usually heat-treated to eliminate green, for a purer blue. Aquamarine means “sea water” in Latin. A stone of love and mercy to ease depression and grief, given as a symbol of beauty, honesty, and loyalty.
Garnet is a family of gemstones from reddish-orange to yellow/brown-green. Although classic garnet has a deep red color. A symbol of consistency, perseverance, and good health. A power stone, according to legend, guiding its wearer when traveling at night. Said to remove nightmares and depression.
Tigereye is an opaque form of quartz, when beaded and polished, is streaked by spindle-like bands of light. Typically brownish-yellow to a blue or blue-green. Heated yellow-brown tigerseyes may take on a reddish color due to oxidation of iron inside the gemstone.
Jade is treasured in China as the imperial stone. In two forms, jadeite the best for its more vivid green and translucency. Also in lavender, pink, and white. Nephrite is dark spinach greens, white, browns, and black. For thousands of years, jade has prevailed as a symbol of love, purity, and status.
Obsidian is natural glass, a black-transparent-to-translucent mineral that is formed from quickly-cooling magma during volcanic eruptions. It was used by the Native Americans to shape arrow and spear-heads. Some beautiful forms of obsidian contain white inclusions that resemble snowflakes.
Coral is calcium carbonate exuded by huge colonies of tiny marine animals – a true organic gemstone. White coral is common, but pink, orange, blue, and black exist. Supposedly, red coral changes color depending on its wearer's health, and poses curative powers if it left un-carved by man.
Rose Quartz is a much rarer form of common clear quartz (or rock crystal). It has a rosy-red hue that may be fairly cloudy as a result of strakin by small fissures. It sometimes contains rutile inclusions dense enough to form a star.
Agate is a form of quartz colored by bands. These patterns may be straight, concentric, or shaped in landscape-like patterns. In ancient times agate was highly valued as a talisman, protecting its owner from fever and insomnia, bringing strength and victory in battle.
Amethyst is purple-to-lilac, ranging from opaque to expensive transparency. A purple variety of the quartz family. A symbol of sincerity, security, and peace of mind. Named from the Greek word “amethustos” meaning “without wine.” Legend says drinking from an amethyst chalice will prevent intoxication.

Chinese New Year of the Dog Jade Pendant
Code: ga1477
Price: $6.50
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Lucky Chinese Jade Year of the Monkey Pendant - for 2016
Code: ga5649
Price: $3.99
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