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Beautiful Chinese Bone Dragon Opium Pipe - Long
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: ga2041
Price: $46.00

Shipping Weight: 550.00 grammes
In stock
This beautiful opium pipe is just like the ones 150-years ago! Carved from real Chinese bone with the dragon all around the stem. Dragons represent the Emperor and bring positive feng shui. The round bowl ontop unscrews for transit. Measures a large 14-inches long x 1-inch diameter. Picture shows full-view & close-up of the same pipe. NOTE: Latest stick is a darker gold colour, not as yellow as picture.

Two-hundred years ago Britain started selling the Chinese opium from British India Ė to balance Londonís trade deficit of Chinese tea and silks. China didnít like foreignersí breaking their laws and causing widespread drug addiction. The destruction of 20,000 chests of opium in Guangzhou resulted, after British aggression, in Hong Kong becoming a crown colony.

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