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Buddhist Brass Ritual Khatvanga Scepter
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: gz380
Price: $79.99

Shipping Weight: 850.00 grammes
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Buddhist Brass Ritual Khatvanga Scepter'. Please check back later.
This solid brass scepter depicts upper portion of a Khatvanga. Which is a magic stick topped by generally three impaled heads and vajras etc. It is believed that it was invented by Padmasambhava and was carried by him. As a ritual object a tantric deity or a tantric practitioners carries it. Sometimes a Khatvanga has no staff, particularly when it is strictly used by a practitioners for a tantric ritual or ceremony as in the case of present object.

The base of the present Khatvanga is five-pronged double vajra or Vishvavajra. The Vishvavajra represents the four purified elements of earth, water, fire, and air; the four activities or karmas; and the four doors of liberation (emptiness, singleness, wishlessness, and lack of composition). Above the Visvavajra there are two Buddha heads and a skull superposed. The skull is surmounted by a five-pronged vajra, representing compassion, placed upright. These three heads are representing three kayas of the Buddha. The nirmankaya is represented by the lowermost head of the Buddha, while the middle one i.e. the decaying head, represents the sambhogakaya, and the dry skull represents dharmakaya.

Usually much more expensive! Picture shows full view + close up of upper section. Quite long: full 20 inches x 2 inches. Heavy: 760gms

Over US$400 in the stores!

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