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Buddhist Vajra Thunder Bolt
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: gz497
Price: $18.00

Shipping Weight: 100.00 grammes
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Buddhist Vajra Thunder Bolt'. Please check back later.
This Buddhist Vajra or Thunder Bolt may have nine, five, or three stokes. The spokes of a peaceful vajra meet at the tip, whereas those of a wrathful vajra are slightly splayed at the end. When paired with a bell their length can vary from four fingers-widths to 28-finger widths. The upper set of spokes of a five spoked vjra symbolizes the five wisdoms:

1. The mirror like wisdom – that which reflects all sense perceptions is purified when one attains enlightenment and comes like the mirror like wisdom.
2. The wisdom of equality – arises after all the feelings of pleasantness, unpleasantness and indifference have been purified.
3. The wisdom of individual analysis – arises when the factor of discrimination is purified. Enabling one to benefit each sentient being according to his or her needs and disposition.
4. The wisdom of accomplishing activity – arises when the basic ability to perform acts according to particular circumstances is purified.
5. The wisdom of the sphere of reality – arises when consciousness is purified and becomes the mind that is to seed of wisdom truth body of a Buddha. The five lower spokes symbolize the five mothers.

With a five-spoke vajra, the upper spokes symbolize the Buddhas of the five families and the lower spokes represent the five wisdoms and the four immeasurable wish of love, compassion, equanimity and joy.

The sea-monster’s mouth from which each spoke emerges represents freedom from cyclic existence. Of the two lotuses at the hub of the vajra, the upper symbolizes the eight Bodhisattvas, and the lower, the eight goddesses. Paired with a bell the vajra represents method or compassion.

This vajra measure 4 inches. From China – similar to those in Nepal.

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