Be different - Be Goff!                  

Goth used to be a division of punk.  Classic goth bands like Siouxsie and the Banghees were originally called punk.  Until the early-80's, when it emerged as a subculture in its own right - with its own literature, music and fashion.  Goff has little to do with Germanic tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire!

Goth is a subculture, style, and way of thought. The common thread in goth culture is an appreciation for the contrast between light and dark, good and evil. Goffs’ know that the two can't exist without each other, and the traditional values of those opposites are not necessarily true. Goths’ have a dark and perverse sense of humor, a love of history, literature, and music.

It doesn’t matter that goth culture is artificial. Goth is about attitude and style. You don't have to dress in velvet and lace all the time to be goth. And dressing that way doesn't automatically make you a goth. Don’t be a copycat. Take inspiration and ideas from others’, combine it with things you like, and create your own style.

How do I start in gothic fashion?

Basic goth clothes are easy to find - most clothes stores sell black jeans, t-shirts, leggings, and skirts. What you add to those basics is up to you. When creating your own gothic look, draw from your personality and preferences. When experimenting, start small - changing accessories or makeup. Then, as you become more confident in your choices, purchase larger items that you would wear more often. The clothes themselves are not 'goth: it's how you wear them. Accessories like rings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets, make your style individual – use them!

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