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 Black Gothic Skull, Crossbones & Rose Wristband   Slaying Armored Shark Full Finger Ring


   Wicked Gothic Skull & Skeleton-Hand with Chain Wristband
Wicked Gothic Skull & Skeleton
Wristband - $8.99

   Gothic Wristband
Ladies Black Gothic Netted Wristband - $4.99

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   Gothic HalloweenGothic Halloween

gothic wristband   Wicked Gothic 5-Long Spike Black Wristband    gothic rose ring

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gothic"used to be a division of punk.  Bands like Siouxsie and the Banghees were originally called punk.  Until the early-80's, when goth emerged as a separate subculture  - with its own literature, music and fashion.  Goff has little to do with Germanic tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire!

Goth is a style and way of thought. The common thread is an appreciation for the contrast between light and dark, good and evil. Goffs know that the two can't exist without each other, and the traditional values of those opposites are not necessarily true.

gothic rose
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Ladies Romantic Purple Gothic Victorian Bracelet & Ring  

Wicked Black Devil Cat Gothic Wristband  

full finger ring




Ladies Black Gothic Netted Wristband  

spike wristband

Intimadating Golden Eagle & Chain Black Gothic Wristband  




Gothic Chrome Terminator Full Finger Ring Gothic Chinese Nail Protector                               
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