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Wholesale Oriental Antiques

Retailers are welcome to buy from the store for      resale.

The minimum order is US$200 (before shipping),
which allows you 20% off.  Key in coupon code "wholesale1" at the checkout, then click "redeem coupon".  You must order a minimum of 4 different items.

On orders over $500 (before shipping), you may 
enjoy 30% off.  Key coupon code "wholesale2" at       the checkout, then click "redeem coupon".

Note:   This voucher code cannot be used with any other discount or  for  wholesale customer's logins.  Please allow up to one week before  we dispatch wholesale orders.   Orders at Christmas paid after 10th December, will not be mailed until New Year.

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Wizard Phoenix Opium Pipe - $17.99

Chinese Pipe 


Lucky Chinese Year of the Pig Pendant - $4.99

Chinese Jade Pig Pendant 

Mao's Little Red
Book $9.99

Mao Book 

Feng Shui
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